My Zen Master said 146:

“New Year approaches, Everyone!” “A perfect pondering, past-present-future, My Zen Master!” “Solid, Everyone! Solid!”

My Zen Master said 147:

“We are, each and every one of us, Everyone, we are unique individuals; yet, yet! We are also one with each other and every single being in our world. That is what we will ponder today, Everyone!”

My Zen Master said 148:

“I love shadows, Everyone! That is today’s pondering!” “Solid, My Zen Master! Solid!”

My Zen Master said 149:

“What’s on the cards today, Everyone!” And My Zen Master burst out laughing! I wasn’t totally sure what he meant, but his laughter is so infectious that I burst out laughing as well!

My Zen Master said 150:

“Cloud gazing – sky gazing – blueness gazing – grey gazing – pitter patter gazing – umbrella up gazing; now is now and is perfect because it is now, Everyone.”

My Zen Master 151:

“Friendship, Everyone, all the aspects of friends with a capital ‘F’ and friends with a lower case ‘f’…that’s our pondering today, Everyone!” “Solid, My Zen Master! Solid!”

My Zen Master said 152:

“Every day is a new leaf, Everyone.” “Today’s pondering, My Zen Master?” My Zen Master smiled.

My Zen Master said 154:

“Solid! Solid, Everyone, is our pondering today.” “Solid, My Zen Master, as in ‘solid as a rock’?” “Solid as in quantum physics, Everyone!” “As in nothing is solid, My Zen Master!” “Indeed! Solid emptiness!”

My Zen Master said 155:

“Plants, Everyone, have ‘spirits’.” “I remember you saying that, My Zen Master, and since then I have been aware of… of what I think of as a form of communication, or interconnection, with some trees near where I live.” “Solid, Everyone! It is that interconnection which we will ponder today; and include interconnection with the […]