My Zen Master said 150:

“Cloud gazing – sky gazing – blueness gazing – grey gazing – pitter patter gazing – umbrella up gazing; now is now and is perfect because it is now, Everyone.”

My Zen Master 151:

“Friendship, Everyone, all the aspects of friends with a capital ‘F’ and friends with a lower case ‘f’…that’s our pondering today, Everyone!” “Solid, My Zen Master! Solid!”

My Zen Master said 152:

“Every day is a new leaf, Everyone.” “Today’s pondering, My Zen Master?” My Zen Master smiled.

My Zen Master said 154:

“Solid! Solid, Everyone, is our pondering today.” “Solid, My Zen Master, as in ‘solid as a rock’?” “Solid as in quantum physics, Everyone!” “As in nothing is solid, My Zen Master!” “Indeed! Solid emptiness!”

My Zen Master said 155:

“Plants, Everyone, have ‘spirits’.” “I remember you saying that, My Zen Master, and since then I have been aware of… of what I think of as a form of communication, or interconnection, with some trees near where I live.” “Solid, Everyone! It is that interconnection which we will ponder today; and include interconnection with the […]

My Zen Master said: 156

“We can move mountains, Everyone!” “Today’s pondering, My Zen Master?” “Indeed, Everyone – indeed!”

My Zen Master said 157:

“Life is about living, Everyone; not about labels! Chores! DIY? Work! Play? “Each of these labels carries its own weight; very often heavy! For some, DIY is a great pleasure! For others…! And the same goes for ‘play’, for instance. “All mere labels.  Life is for gently living and for gently appreciating being alive.” “Solid […]

My Zen Master said 158:

“We humans are so often looking for distraction, Everyone…while the best moment is actually the here and the now…right in front of us each and every moment!” “Solid My Zen Master! Solid!”

My Zen Master said 159:

“Today never begins, Everyone. That is our pondering today.” “It’s the permanence of impermanence, My Zen Master!” “Solid! You are well on the path to the summit, Everyone!”