My Zen Master said 157:

“Life is about living, Everyone; not about labels! Chores! DIY? Work! Play?

“Each of these labels carries its own weight; very often heavy! For some, DIY is a great pleasure! For others…! And the same goes for ‘play’, for instance.

“All mere labels.  Life is for gently living and for gently appreciating being alive.”

“Solid My Zen Master! Solid!”

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My Zen Master said 150:

“Cloud gazing – sky gazing – blueness gazing – grey gazing – pitter patter gazing – umbrella up gazing; now is now and is perfect

My Zen Master 151:

“Friendship, Everyone, all the aspects of friends with a capital ‘F’ and friends with a lower case ‘f’…that’s our pondering today, Everyone!” “Solid, My Zen