My Zen Master said 196:

“You have discovered a new meditation technique, Everyone! Tell me! Tell me!”

“I call it ‘scan meditation’: it works really well when I’m feeling stressed!”

“Scan meditation! Solid, Everyone!”

“So, I sit down and practice deep breathing; and then, very gently and slowly, I turn my head from left to right, looking with focus on everything I see. And as I go left to right, I can also look up to the sky or down to the earth. Gently and slowly, is quite important. It’s as though I’m encompassing the whole world, my world as it is now.

“And then, I gently close my eyes, turn my head in the same way, this time focusing on what I hear. For me, it’s particularly powerful!”

“It sounds wonderful, Everyone! I will try it; I will try it!”

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