My Zen Master said 197:

“Pondering the benefits of ‘where am I?’, reminded me of a morning mantra which My Zen Master taught me, Everyone.”

“Two Zen Master’s teaching in one: solid, My Zen Master!”

My Zen Master grinned!

“It is this, Everyone: when we wke in the morning, we say to ourselves ‘who am I? What am I? Where am I? When am I’, and How am I?”

“I will try it, My Zen Master! I follow your advice of every morning, smiling to myself before I get out of bed, and then smiling to myself in the bathroom mirror. I find it very powerful!”

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My Zen Master said 146:

“New Year approaches, Everyone!” “A perfect pondering, past-present-future, My Zen Master!” “Solid, Everyone! Solid!”

My Zen Master said 147:

“We are, each and every one of us, Everyone, we are unique individuals; yet, yet! We are also one with each other and every single