My Zen Master said 198:

“I don’t remember, Everyone, if we have pondered on this one already? What to do when feeling stressed?”

“I will suggest, My Zen Master, that even if we have pondered on it already, we ponder again!”

My Zen Master gave a broad grin! “Very good suggestion, Everyone: so, when we are feeling stressed, one way of de-stressing is to sit calmly as possible somewhere, anywhere; focus on deep breathing, deep-slow-gentle-breathing, and when beginning to feel grounded, ask ourselves ‘where am I?’.

“And then look around and really see ’the where’! Here, now, where am I? Here or lost in my head.”

“Solid, My Zen Master!”

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My Zen Master said 152:

“Every day is a new leaf, Everyone.” “Today’s pondering, My Zen Master?” My Zen Master smiled.