My Zen Master said 205:

“Solid, My Zen Master!”

“Our beliefs, Everyone, inhabit our thoughts. Our thoughts inhabit not only our feelings but also what we do, and what turns into habits for us. And, of course, what this mix of ‘us’ gives rise to.

“And this is why it’s very useful to know what our beliefs are and where they came from: are they ‘inherited’ from others, family and friends, during our formative years and later? Or are they perhaps formed by so-called scientific knowledge – which, of course, changes as science progresses: but does our ‘belief’ change?

“Or maybe they are formed by our experiences – and, of course, other people’s reactions to the same experiences may well be very different.”

“Solid, My Zen Master! Enough! Enough, please! That’s enough for me to ponder and journal for today!”

My Zen Master laughed: “Solid, Everyone!”

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