My Zen Master said 224:

“I had a wonderful retreat, Everyone – thank you for asking.”

“Tell me more, My Zen Master.”

“It was a totally silent retreat, and we went for some very powerful awareness walks in the countryside. Mostly, my chatterbox mind was calm and quiet, though not always!”

“And do you want to share with Everyone any of those chatterbox thoughts, My Zen Master?”

“Yes, Everyone. One in particular: a powerful quote by the ecological thinker, prophet even, John Muir.”

“I know of him, My Zen Master. Tell me the quote!”

“But in every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.”

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My Zen Master said 150:

“Cloud gazing – sky gazing – blueness gazing – grey gazing – pitter patter gazing – umbrella up gazing; now is now and is perfect

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