My Zen Master said 231:

“The immense personal power of practising ‘now’ – mindfulness – is not an empty promise, Everyone.

“Though, Everyone, Mindfulness needs to be approached with caution. We are sensitive humans, and very sensitive to hurt, and being Mindful can make us more sensitive to hurt – not always, and not for everyone, but it can.

“However, Everyone, our deep breathing awareness, will help us. It is the number one step to practising Mindfulness, and combined with a sense of release, it is the number one step to healing hurts.”

“And, My Zen Master, is it as simple as ‘breathe-in, breathe-out, breathe-in… release”

“Yes, Everyone. As simple, as you say, as that, though for most of us, myself included, it takes much practice, much much practice…”

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My Zen Master said 150:

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