My Zen Master said 253:

“How long is a piece of string, Everyone?”

“Unfathomable, My Zen Master!”

“Indeed, Everyone! Yet, as we ponder this unfathomable, we might notice how our rational minds struggle to find an answer!

“Our rational minds struggle and struggle with such unfathomables…such as the length of string; such as the divine Universe; and many such more!

“Yet we, Everyone, will accept the unfathomable as unfathomable, and relish the peace and joy which acceptance brings.”

“Solid, My Zen Master! Solid!”

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My Zen Master said 148:

“I have a quiz for you today, Everyone!” “A quiz! Solid, My Zen Master!” “A single question – where do you find your wisdom, Everyone?”

My Zen Master said 147:

“Live today in gentle kindness; live today as if there is no tomorrow…because in actuality, there is no tomorrow, all we have is the magic