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Little Moments of Silence

4: May 2020 - Julian Sullivan

Retired cleric Julian Sullivan, 70, from Sheffield, UK, tells of his spiritual journey through life, and the healing influence of silence.

Life…this Amazing Machine

3: May 2020 - Colin Crawford

Self-taught guitarist Colin Crawford, 70, from Vancouver Island, tells how being born in Burma he ended up in Canada, and he sings a ‘Song of Comfort’.

A Flower has Fallen into the Water

2: May 2020 - Veronica Downey

Local spiritual activist Veronica Downey, 79, from Dorset, UK, tells of her life in Africa, and coping with tragedy.

Me Because of You

1: May 2020 - Varda Yoran

American sculptor Varda Yoran, 90, from Brooklyn, tells of the multi-national influences in her work and how she copes with difficult times.